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图片关键词 Introduction to the Event

UbuntuKylin 19.04 is the 13th Community version of the flavor after Ubuntu's official release. In line with the concept of providing users with a practical, easy-to-use and secure operating system, the Kylin development team continuously improves the system version and featured applications, and works with major domestic software providers and Internet service providers , and gradually build a complete Linux ecosystem. In 19.04, it will be the default integration Software center, Youker assistant, Sogou input method, WPS Office suite and other popular applications, out-of-the-box.

In order to improve the quality of the version, the Kylin community will organize a concentrated "stubble" competition on March 16. It is hoped that through this, developers will be in a timely manner to identify problems in the system and various applications, thus driving Ubuntu and the UbuntuKylin development teams to further improve the system.

图片关键词 Event Topics

Test and improve the UbuntuKylin 19.04.

图片关键词 Event hours

March 17, 2019 9:00-12:00

图片关键词 Off-line locations

National Defense University of Science and Technology, Research Institute No.3

图片关键词Activity flow

1. Ways of Participation

This event will be based on Launchpad platform(https://launchpad.net/).Participants only need to complete three steps:
1)Register Launchpad account;
2)Visit QA Team Home Page of UbuntuKylin Project(https://launchpad.net/~ubuntukylin-quality);
3)Apply for QA Team to participate in this activity.

2. Activity Orientation

The target of this event is global open source community enthusiasts, including forum users, QQ group and all other fans concerned about UbuntuKylin at home and abroad.

3. Activity content

During the event, participants login the "UbuntuKylin Hacker Song" platform through website(http://hacking.kaiyuanshe.cn), then clicked "I want to participate". After entering, formally experience the functional characteristics of the UbuntuKylin 19.04 and try to install third-party applications. If Bug is found in the trial and experience, it will be submitted to UbuntuKylin project on Launchpad platform. UbuntuKylin Project Home Page https://launchpad.net/ubuntukylinDuring the event, the QA team of UbuntuKylin Community will participate in the whole process of the Launchpad platform and modify the bugs on site.

Bug submission should comply with the following requirements:
a) The Bug submission process can be found in the annex“How to submit Bug.pdf ”。
b)The testing content mainly includes system and characteristic applications testing. System testing mainly tests whether the UI is normal, whether the function is responsive, etc. Application testing mainly tests whether the installation process is normal, whether the installation is successful and whether the use is normal.
* System testing includes: UKUI theme file manager (peony), window manager (ukwm), control center (ukui-control-center), start menu (ukui-menu), pannel (ukui-panel) and so on.
c)Application testing includes: software center (ubuntu-kylin-software-center), youker-assistant, sogupinyin, wps-office, Youker weather, kylin burner, kylin weather, etc.

图片关键词 Organizers

Direct:Ubuntu Kylin
Co operation:Sogou, kaiyuanshe, oschina, Tianjin Kylin.

图片关键词 Reward

At the end of the event, the organizers will select the first to third prizes according to the count of bugs submitted and the speed of submission, and the remaining ones who find more than two bugs will be awards for excellence. In addition, you will be rewarded for your outstanding contributions. The awards for this event are set as follows:


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