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Ubuntu Kylin, an open-source project, is supported and led by CCN Joint Lab. Its purpose is to provide exquisite UE and make an operation system with more Chinese characteristics, through adopting the design idea of platform internationalization and application localization, customizing localized desktop environment and developing application software catering to the specific needs of Chinese users. Ubuntu Kylin based on Ubuntu, get much support from Debian, Ubuntu, LUPA, Linux user groups around the world. The contributors can be found in UK development team list.


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在优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)研发团队和社区爱好者的共同努力下,优麒麟16.10于2016年10月14日正式发布。同时基于 16.04 LTS 的 UKUI 预览版全新亮相。现面向全国的版本发布活动正式启动啦!本次发布派对以体验、分享和反馈UKUI为主。由优麒麟社区主办,DBAplus、开源...【我要加入

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优麒麟---WPS 优麒麟---金山快盘 优麒麟---搜狗输入法 优麒麟---为知笔记 Ubuntu Kylin 优麒麟---ubuntu 优麒麟---麒麟


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