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About Ubuntu Kylin

Ubuntu Kylin is an official flavor of Ubuntu, committed to bringing an easy, excellent, expert, and elaborate Linux distribution to users worldwide. Ubuntu Kylin integrates the independently developed UKUI (Ubuntu Kylin User Interface) desktop environment, which adheres to the "friendly and simple" design concept and is developed based on Qt5. Besides, it also includes more than 20 applications developed for ordinary users, such as Kylin Assistant, Kylin Video, Kylin Screenshots, and Software Center, so that you can enjoy a pleasant life and easy office operating system experience on Ubuntu Kylin.

Since its creation in 2013, the Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system has released 16 versions, downloaded more than 32 million times, contributed millions of lines of code and over 7000 patches to the open source community, and has been accepted by international open source communities such as Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenStack, and Ceph. For now, we have hundreds of thousands of active users worldwide.

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Jack YuLeader
Jun MaDevelop leader
Xiaodong LiuDevelop leader
Chao ZhangDevelop leader
Handsome Feng              Develop leader
Huan PengDevelop leader
Sheng HuangDevelop leader
Mina LiuCommunity Leader
Yiqing WangCommunity Manager
Meiyan LiuCommunity Manager

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