• Community participation

    The Ubuntu Kylin community sincerely invites cities and universities to join the team. We expect software developers, Linux entrepreneurs, college students, and all enthusiasts interested in Linux to change Ubuntu Kylin’s products and technologies based on the power of everyone. Accelerate the growth and renewal of the Ubuntu Kylin community.

    Which groups you can join

    Many Ubuntu Kylin contributers (such as the almighty Moshengren, the blogger Chipo, the transplant expert Jenningsloy, and the foreign technology giants Alex Wender, Saddam Hossain and other enthusiasts) have learned knowledge, made friends, and obtained growth opportunities in the community.

    You can also use your spare time to meet more like-minded friends and improve your abilities in PPT presentations, technology development, blog writing, event organization, PS design, etc.; whether you are a school student, a workplace programmer, or a corporate executive, As long as you are interested in Linux development and Ubuntu Kylin, you can apply to join the Ubuntu Kylin community, become a member of the community, and grow and progress together with the community.

    Ubuntu Kylin Community Volunteer Team Composition:

    • Core organizer:formulate process specifications and participate in community decision-making;
    • City Station/University Station:develop or establish Ubuntu Kylin City/University Station;
    • Media Group:Build Ubuntu Kylin Brand, Media B Station, Douyin Maintenance and promotion of other accounts;
    • Design group: design of festival node posters and event promotion diagrams;
    • Cooperation groupcooperate with the Ubuntu Kylin community to promote mutual promotion of resources;
    • Technical group:exchange and discuss with Ubuntu Kylin experts, and participate in the practice of Ubuntu Kylin or UKUI projects;
    • Mirror group: Distribute Ubuntu Kylin warehouse and ISO to various open source mirror sites.
    Your responsibilities and rights

    Your volunteer job responsibilities:

    • Develop or establish Ubuntu Kylin City Station/University Station;
    • Organize Ubuntu Kylin Developer Contest, technical exchange and sharing activities;
    • Excavate excellent Ubuntu Kylin developers and fans to join the community;
    • Create Ubuntu Kylin based on the UKUI desktop environment Practical cases;
    • Write excellent Ubuntu Kylin technical blog posts and submit them to the public account for release;
    • Distribute Ubuntu Kylin warehouse and ISO to the new open source mirror station.

    Benefits you can obtain:

    • Apply to become the core organizer of Ubuntu Kylin;
    • Participate in Ubuntu Kylin offline activities and give a speech for Ubuntu Kylin platform;
    • Become a special invited lecturer for Ubuntu Kylin to increase personal exposure and influence;
    • Obtain a certificate for the practice of Ubuntu Kylin;
    • Inside Promote internship opportunities for Ubuntu Kylin;
    • Obtain the opportunity to visit the Happy Changsha/Beijing/ Tianjin Ubuntu Kylin base
    • Obtain customized gifts for volunteers from Ubuntu Kylin.
    Join us


    Telegrame: ubuntukylin