UKUI 3.0

Reduce the complexity, take the easy way
Gentle and intelligence


Close animation

Turn lines into blocks

Block background color is
used to separate the visual area
and remove redundant segmentation lines.

New icons

Use micro gradient flat style, show more precise details.

Darker theme

Dark color theme creates a beautiful and undisturbed working environment, keep users' eyes focused easily. Your theme, from then on, has a profound personality.

Support for arm64 architecture

linux 5.4

The latest stable kernel

Based on Linux 5.4 LTS kernel

Support 4K Ultra HD display.

Improved display color management under the Nouveau open source graphics card driver.


New preview and sidebar, Let you know more about the new changes each operation can bring to the interface.

File manager

Search and address box combine to create a new file viewing experience. New color label setting and filtering function, providing more diversified file filtering mechanism.

UKUI control center

A well-designed interface for touch device users and PC users. Simplify the complexity and take the easy way to let the function communicate with you directly.。

Night mode

Let the machine wake up time can also bring users more comfortable experience. Reduce the brightness and color temperature of the screen automatically at night to relieve eye fatigue.

Convenient tools

The small plug-in made with all our strength is a powerful and reliable power tool for your work and life.

  • Post it notes

    A brand new compact notebook, which helps you easily organize various business itineraries and notes.

  • New alarm clock

    A small helper who arranges every minute and every second properly and forms a habit of self-discipline.

  • User feedback

    Every suggestion and feedback from you is an irreplaceable driving force on our way forward.

Plentiful application ecology

The operating system experience that allows you to enjoy a pleasant life and work easily in Ubuntukylin.

  • SougouPinyin
  • WPSoffice
  • Foxitreader
  • Zhumu
  • MiTalk
  • Netease Cloud Music
  • Baidu Pan
  • VSCode
  • Tencent Video
  • Youdao Dictionary