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  • [Recruiting in 2021] Welcome to Ubuntu Kylin Comunity!

    As a fast-developing open source community, Ubuntu Kylin welcomes outstanding open source talents to join us, work for open source full-time together, and jointly create the most active open source community!

  • Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 Version released -- Simple and beautiful, Gorgeous and real

    The latest Linux 5.8 kernel and UKUI 3.0 desktop environment are integrated in the Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 release by default. It fixed a lot of problems in the start menu, file manager, control panel, etc, so as to provide users with a more efficient and stable use experience. Welcome to download and have a try, and give us feedback on your use experience and optimization advices.

  • UKUI for openEuler released!

    UKUI 3.0 is a lightweight desktop environment based on Linux distributions developed by Kylin, and is powered by the Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system by default. Currently, UKUI is available in Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and other international Linux distributions.

  • Preview of new features in UKUI 3.1

    The Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS version is equipped with the UKUI 3.0 preview version by default. It has received wide attention and praise from community enthusiasts. It has been downloaded 3 million times. The official website has been continuously improving. A total of nearly 500 updates have been repaired in the 4 months after the release. Let's see what new features will be brought by UKUI 3.1?


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    Ubuntu Kylin 2020 User Survey Questionnaire

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    Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 online release conference

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    Ubuntu Kylin internal testing activities

  • 优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)

    Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 online release conference