Code of conduct


Commitment of contributors

In order to build an open and friendly environment, our contributors and defenders promise: regardless of age, size, physical integrity, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity and representation, experience level, education level, social status, nationality, appearance, race, Belief, sexual orientation, our project and community participants are free from harassment.

Our code

The Ubuntu Kylin community abides by the code of conduct stipulated in the "Contributors Convention" of the open source community.

If you need to report insults, harassment or other unacceptable behavior, you can send an email to the technical committee email address and contact the Ubuntu Kylin technical committee for handling.

Behaviors that help create a positive environment include but are not limited to:
  • Friendly and tolerant wording
  • Respect different opinions and experiences
  • Patiently accept helpful criticism
  • Focus on what is most beneficial to the community
  • Get along well with other members of the community
The actions that participants should not take include but are not limited to:
  • Post sex-related comments or images, unwelcome courtesy
  • Disturbing/inciting/rumoring behavior, insulting/derogatory comments, personal and political attacks
  • Public or private harassment
  • Publish other people’s information without explicit authorization, such as address, e-mail address, etc.
  • Other misconducts that are reasonably considered to be violations of professional ethics

Our obligations

  • The project Owner is obliged to interpret what is meant by "proper behavior" and to properly and fairly correct the misconduct that has occurred.
  • The project owner has the right and obligation to delete, edit, and refuse contributions that violate the standards of this conduct, such as comments, commits, code, wiki editing, issues, etc.;
  • the project Owner can temporarily or permanently block anything they think Participants who behave improperly, threateningly, offensively, or harmfully.

Scope of application

  • This behavior standard applies to this project. When someone represents the project or the community, this standard also applies to the public platform that person is on.
  • Circumstances representing the project or the community include but are not limited to: using the project’s official email, posting news through official media accounts, participating in online or offline activities as a designated representative, etc.
  • The behavior on behalf of the project can be further defined and explained by the project maintainer.


  • You can write to the technical committee's email address to report abuse, harassment, and misconduct to the project team.
  • The maintenance team will review and investigate all complaints and properly respond as necessary. The project team is obliged to keep the whistleblower's information confidential. The specific implementation policy may be announced separately.
  • Project maintenance personnel who fail to comply with or implement this behavior standard may be temporarily or permanently deprived of the qualifications to participate in the project upon the resolution of the project leader or other members.