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Ubuntu Kylin13.10 technology salon was successfully held in Changsha

2013-11-25 18:14:45

       On November 16, 2013 14:30 pm, UbuntuKylin 13.10 preparatory technical salon and Hunan University doctoral Forum 19 (total 72) a series of activities begin in the lecture hall of Hunan University . The event is organized by UbuntuKylin community  and  Hunan University, Hunan University Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering.

        According to statistics, Saturday's event attracted from Hunan University, Central South University, National Defense University, Hubei Jingzhou, Shantou, Zhuhai and other foreign communities fans nearly 300 people attended, The hall which can accommodate 240 people that all seats are occupied., many enthusiasts  even sat on the steps . Compared with the previous events, this event is much more abundant, more diverse forms,and with humorous speakers, Audience is actively ,making three and  half hours of technical salon wonderful with warm applause and laughter, a true reflection of the UbuntuKylin community concepts "simple, happy、life" philosophy of community.

       The first "appearance " is a community- produced by the Beijing UbuntuKylin release party review of the video.  Countdown by the host from Hunan University,  Pan Wang declared salon is begin and introduce guests : UbuntuKylin project technical director Jie Yu , community operation and maintenance director Weihua Zhang , Canonical 's global product manager Mr. Stephane, business and project leader Joey Zheng, Jinshan fast disk project Leader Junpan Shan, Sogou Desktop marketing director  Lei Yang, marketing Director Xin Jiang , the head of famous open source software projects China CodeWeavers Qian Hong and Ubuntu senior developer / community celebrities Aron Xu, OpenStack contributor Yingjun Li  and so on.。

        Next , UbuntuKylin project technical director Jie Yu , Canonical 's global product manager , Mr. Stephane , business and project leader , Mr. Joey Zheng were delivered a speech ​​to the audience 《Ubuntu/UbuntuKylin13.10 characteristics and development plan》, 《Ubuntu 14.04 Roadmap》 and 《Unity desktop environment introduces 》, and described in detail about the relationship technical characteristics、structure and future prospects and other contentbetween Ubuntu and UbuntuKylin , and shared with lots of interesting story during development .

      Following guests live lucky draw made a small climax , each lucky guests are given a limited  gifts , including USB flash drives ,and posed for pictures with guests.

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After Topic report is" Community Story Share " link which played video from UbuntuKylin 13.10 " China wind" Wallpaper Design Competition first prize winner - Middle School students from Guangzhou Shen Li ( net name: Lap),Though he is still a high school student , but he already is a veteran of the networks and communities , not only can independently operated an US popular music professional website, but also in the flat design also has studied . Lap in video shared with everybody how to run with flat design concept creative wallpaper " Temple of Heaven " and fun and joy during the award-winning process.
      Then, Kingsoft fast disk Project Leader Shanjun Pan, Sogou Desktop Division Director Lei Yang , head of China CodeWeavers Qian Hong  share with everyone" give birth to Kingsoft disk ", " Internet era input method "," open source projects  -Wine " and other exciting reports. Shanjun Pan humorous recalled fast disk birth process and the first talk about cooperation whole story with UbuntuKylin ; Lei Yang reviewed from computer character input history , introduced Sogou input method features and principles through examples , and issued words of  " where there has Chinese there will has Sogou input method "  ; Contrast , Wine, CodeWeavers and  Qian Hong first appeared in UbuntuKylin community salon, causing great concern. Qian Hong in the report, not only  to share his story  from "open source community rookie turn to a Monk " and Wine project CodeWeavers a Chinese man's magical process of growth, and explained his opinions on how to participate in community and gived a unique insight into the future development of Linux , causing many enthusiasts strongly resonance.
     Finally, as guests and audiences'walmly interaction, leading the time extended to 18:00, Ubuntu senior developer Aron Xu's "Application i18n and l10n", OpenStack contributor Yingjun Li of "Road of OpenStack  "was forced to cancel  the organizers feel sorry about that ! The event-related photos, videos and footage will soon be uploaded to UbuntuKylin official website, forums, microblogging and other online media, please attention!,more information: for changsha .

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