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[News] Kingsoft Kuaipan for UbuntuKylin Beta version released today

2019-08-16 15:21:25

To coperate with Ubuntu / Ubuntu 13.10 release and ongoing press conference, Ubuntu Kylin released "Kingsoft disk for UbuntuKylin" Beta version on October 17, 2013, this version in addition to the relevant bug, adds multi-a convenient features for users.


• Add bookmark to add KuaiPan Nautilus file manager functionality bookmarks bar
• Add network disconnection detection function
• New online Recycle Links
• Add the account of insufficient disk space and fast local disk space status
• Set new agent after the test function
• New fast disk cache cleanup function
• After correction start can not find the root of the bug KuaiPan
• correction software "image" category bug, now classified as a "network"
• Fixed network disconnection occurs several times after the desktop prompt bug
• After correction token login failed, requiring the user to enter a password bug
Non-soft links warnings • Fixed bug when installed deb package
• Modify the desktop prompts strategy to reduce the number of tips

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