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News] Kingsoft Kuaipan for UbuntuKylin released Alpha2 version!

2014-01-04 17:28:16


It was supported by a vast number of youke and disk users and got a huge amount of positive suggestions and comments when Kingsoft disk for UbuntuKylin Alpha1 version was released.The research teams of UbuntuKylin and Kingsoft Cloud focused on research again,   releasing Alpha2 version on September 30, 2013 to celebrate the National Day.

Some bugs of Alpha1 were mainly repaired in this version and 64-bit version and Ubuntu/UbuntuKylin 1204 compatible version were launched at the requirement of enthusiasts. Detailed update information is as follows:

·         Add 64-bit version of 1304, 1310

·         Add 32-bit and 64-bit version 1204

·         Fix failed bugs of Token login caused by busy server

·         Show more comprehensive information in synchronization status and reduce the speed of information update

·         Fix bug to exit normally in program

·         Fix bug of tips for English in some screen

·         Fix invalid bug of start-up function

      Fix scanning bug caused by Token failure in the program running

·         Fix unidentified bug of part account

·         Fix invalid Token bug caused by more Linux clients’ login at the same time

·         Fix bug that system disk does not display synchronization state when downloaded

·         Fix bug without prompting in general preference

·         Fix invalid bug when the function of the show desktop notification restarted

·         Fix bug that the original configuration information interfere the synchronization at the first operation

·         Modify configuration file location and shift out synchronization directories.

·         Fix hug that synchronization information of single file is not updated when downloaded.







       本版本主要修复了 Alpha 1 中的若干 bug,并应爱好者的要求推出了64位版本和 Ubuntu/UbuntuKylin 1204 兼容版本。详细的更新信息如下:

  • 新增1304131064位版
  • 新增120432位、64位版
  • 修正服务器忙导致Token登录失败的bug
  • 显示更全面的文件同步状态信息,降低信息更新速度
  • 修正程序无法正常退出的bug
  • 修正部分界面提示为英文的bug
  • 修正开机启动功能无效的bug
  • 修正程序运行时Token失效导致程序一直扫描的bug
  • 修正部分账户无法识别的bug
  • 修正多Linux客户端同时登录导致Token失效的bug
  • 修正下载时系统托盘不显示同步状态的bug
  • 修正首选项常规设置没有提示的bug
  • 修正显示桌面通知功能重启后失效的bug
  • 修正第一次运行时、原有配置信息干扰本次同步的bug
  • 修改配置文件位置、移出同步目录
  • 修正下载时,单项文件同步信息不更新的bug