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Upcoming UbuntuKylin activity “find bugs”

2013-11-19 10:40:36

  Upcoming UbuntuKylin13.10 is UbuntuKylin become official Ubuntu derivative version communities’ second version, the spirit of UbuntuKylin13.10 is provide users with practical, easy, and secure operating system concepts, UbuntuKylin team improve the system version and specialty applications constantly , and through cooperate with major domestic software providers and Internet service providers, gradually build a complete Linux environment. UbuntuKylin13.10 will integrate youker assistant, Dash Chinese search, Chinese Lunar calendar, China weather, little penguins input and other typical applications, while cooperation with Kingsoft, UbuntuKylin team will together launch Kingsoft disk and l WPS UbuntuKylin customized version. In order to improve the quality, UbuntuKylin community will soon organize a "finding fault" activity--- found varieties of Bug in Beta1. We hope that this "finding fault" activity, would find presence of various problems in systems and applications, and promote Ubuntu and UbuntuKylin development team a further improvemen,make it perfect!

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