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Germany Munich government use Ubuntu to instead of Windows XP

2013-11-26 15:42:55


According to Ubuntu and other foreign news: Because of  Windows XP will shut down service on April 20, 2014, and still run Windows XP machines that will become hackers’ "gold mine." In order to avoid influence made by Windows XP shut down , Munich government decided to give Windows XP users Ubuntu 12.04 version cd for free.

Munich government prepared about 2000 Ubuntu 12.04 version cd Through its Gasteig library to give Windows XP users. At same period, lower demand for Ubuntu 12.04 on system.



Munich is Germany's third city, so this is not a decision that can be ignored. 2000 CD will provide to every library, users can borrow and download Linux version. We may doubt they why not supply download and install Ubuntu? Because this time target person is not who is familiar with how to operate Ubuntu.

This is not the first Munich show their favor on Linux and open systems. One is on the Munich launched project in 2007, will be completed by the end of year, aim is to use Munich own Linux brand - LiMux instead of 22 departments in 51 locations 15,000 PC's Windows XP and Office.




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