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Ubuntu Kylin will hold an academic lecture in Zhongshan University on December 5

2013-12-06 08:39:56


Ubuntukylin team, taking the opportunity of Zhongshan University deployment by TianHe No.2, carries out technical exchange and cooperation with information science technology college of Zhongshan University in the field of operating system of open source and cloud computing. The technical lecture is held on the East campus on December 5, 2013. specific arrangements are as follows :


Time: 10:00-12:00 A.M. Thursday, December 5, 2013


Address: lecture hall 207, information college, East campus of Zhongshan University


   《 Chinese styled Operating system---Ubuntu Kylin project intorduction》

      Brief introduction: to introduce background, birth process, functions and characteristic of the current version, technology and development plan of consecutive version of Ubuntukylin. To introduce the composition and current situation of open source community of Ubuntukylin To answer questions raised by attendances on the spot and discuss

    Reporter: Zhang Weihua, head of operations of Ubuntukylin community. He entered National University of Defense technology majoring in automatic control and focused his PhD on computer simulation. He has been engaged in localization of operating system for several years after graduation. He involved in or responsible for a number of national key projects’ development. At present, he mainly researches desktop operating system, cloud integration and system grated UI design and implementation etc.

      Brief introductionTo talk a wonderful story about show to grow form a rookie to ranked in the top 10 of global individual code contribution in Openstack, based on technical principle and ecological environment of openstack and combined with experience from being familiar with community rules to code contributions. For example, how to run openstack in the 6400 nodes etc.
Reporter:  Yinjun Li, now he works at the supercomputing center in National University of Defense Technology and engaged in cloud computing. He started to contact Openstack and community since 2011 and devotes himself to the large-scale deployment tuning, development and research of Openstack now to make active contributions to the community. He has been contributed almost 400 lines code to many core Openstack components. Also, he praises highly the open source and thinks open source is a lonely but happy practice


Welcome students and technical enthusiast of Guangzhou to join!