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100-day countdown! Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 release plan!

2020-07-15 11:14:49

With the release of Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS, users and developers are turning their attention to the upcoming Ubuntu Kylin 20.10. Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 is a short-term support version. and will be the 16th official release of Ubuntu Kylin. Code-named "Groovy Gorilla"(means excellent gorilla), currently in development, official will provide a nine-month support cycle with ongoing core bug fixes, security patches and new app releases.

Ubuntu Kylin milestone

The release date of Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 is October 22nd, 2020. Other important milestones in the development cycle include:

Release date
2020/08/27Function freeze
2020/09/03Testing week
2020/09/17UI freeze
2020/10/01Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 beta version release
2020/10/08Kernel freeze
2020/10/05Version freeze, release candidate
2020/10/22Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 release

The changes of Ubuntu Kylin 20.10

Linux Kernel 5.6

Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 will integrate Kernel 5.6 or above by default. The significant changes and features that are expected in the Linux Kernel 5.6 version:

  • Support WireGuard

  • Support USB 4.0

  • Use LZO/LZ4 algorithm to compress F2FS data

  • Resolves the issue of 32-bit system support only until 2038

  • Improved hardware support

  • Support MX Master 3 mouse and logitech's other wireless products

  • Improved AMD Zen temperature/power reporting

  • Fixed AMD CPU overheating in Asus Flying Fortress series notebooks

  • Supports NVIDIA RTX 2000 Turing series graphics CARDS

  • FSCRYPT encryption built in

UKUI 3.0 is official

Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS integrates UKUI 3.0 preview version by default, which has been widely praised by domestic and foreign fans. We will resist arrogance and rashness, keep moving forward, and present UKUI 3.0 official version in Ubuntu Kylin 20.10.

Compared with the preview version, the official version of UKUI 3.0 will have hundreds of details optimization and animation effects optimization in terms of UI; in terms of functions, it will continue to adhere to the design concept of "friendly and easy to use, simple and easy" , Provide more intimate operations, and simplify the cumbersome operation.

Ubuntu Kylin self-developed application

Ubuntu Kylin official has developed several commonly used applications in response to user needs. It is in active testing and improving , and will eventually be integrated into the official version of Ubuntu Kylin 20.10.

The official version of Ubuntu Kylin 20.10 will be released globally on October 22, 2020 with the Ubuntu official and other derivative versions, so stay tuned!