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Recruiting! Ubuntu Kylin community sincerely invites open source mirror sites of global universities & communities to join

2021-07-22 15:17:49

优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)

With the increasing number of global users of Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system, there is a problem of high concurrency (especially during the release of the new version) download mirror load. In order to solve the load problem, the team of Ubuntu Kylin, which is committed to providing users with high-quality download experience, is actively expanding the open source mirror download channel.

In addition to the synchronized 15 open source mirror sites such as Alibaba, Huawei, Netease, 360, kaiyuanshe and Tsinghua University, Ubuntu Kylin community sincerely invites more universities and Open source community mirror sites to provide mirror services for Ubuntu Kylin operating system.


Official software warehouse

Official mirror library

Ubuntu Kylin software warehouse and mirror library provide synchronization services to the outside world, with a total space of 30.5G. The main configurations are as follows:

Software warehouse synchronization command:

rsync -av --delete-after /var/www/ubuntukylin/

Space required:6.5G

mirror library synchronization command:

rsync -av --delete-after /var/www/ubuntukylin-cdimage/

Space required:24G

Cooperation contact

Since its establishment in 2013, Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system has released 18 versions, downloaded more than 36 million times, contributed millions of lines of code to the open source community, received more than 7000 patches by international open source communities such as Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenStack and Ceph, and has hundreds of thousands of active users worldwide.

In order to facilitate users to download and update the mirror of Ubuntu Kylin open source operating system at the first time, the open source mirror sites that have included Ubuntu Kylin will synchronize with Ubuntu Kylin warehouse once a day. Here, the team of Ubuntu Kylin thanks each mirror station for providing users with free mirror service, and also thanks each webmaster for his enthusiasm“ We hope to provide mirror download for Ubuntu Kylin and contribute to domestic open source! ".I believe that with the joint efforts of open source people, the development of domestic open source will be better and better!