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The new Android OEM License leaked: "open source" has many limitations

2014-03-04 08:56:12

Reports from that Google 's most important license terms was exposed - "Only when all Google applications pre-installed on the device , the device was released to run ." While Google requires manufacturers to provide monthly sales reports and signed a contract that can not share Google 's advertising revenue. Original reports located on following website:     

Senior observer on Linux community Nick thought Google tighted up open access progressively which recently domestic and international had many discussions on and is hard to say what will happen in the future , but for Google , it will definitely do so . Currently Google less and less paid attention to Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) level of development , more and more open source to re- established to develop closed-source version , and put these core functions into Google Mobile Services (GMS) , whereas GMS was protected and restrained by Google 's OHA and API. But this opening before closing practices will seriously affect the reputation of Google. Also as an alarm to the manufacturers . On the other hand it’s good for open sourse operating system. Of course, Google has the capital to do so , it’s hard to say if others can emulate this model.