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Youker Assistant V1.0.0 released!

2014-02-23 22:00:44

Ubuntu Kylin team announces the release of Youker Assistant V1.0.0 on Feb 23, 2014. The goal of Youker Assistant is to be the most popular tool for Linux desktop management. It  provides functions  like system cleanup, system embellish, and so on. During the development period among last 9 months, we released 12 versions  and got lots of supportings and feedback from Ubuntu Kylin developers and users. Besides bugs fixed, the main update of this version is as following:

  • New yahoo weather supporting, solving the limitations that only domestic weather information is provided.
  • New user management function, which supporting the login of Ubuntu Kylin BBS account, with preliminarily established integral, level of system.
  • Optimized system cleaning module, which could clear the browser cache, thumbnails cache and software center cache.
  • Optimized system information module, with more graphics information display and improved framework for hardware information display.
  • Optimization system beautification module, with rewritten method to restore the default Settings, which can make the configuration back to the system initial setup, and improved the GTK theme Settings and the mouse theme Settings for global action.
  • Adjusting the display format for network traffic monitoring.
  • Removing the recommended software modules.


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