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Ubuntu Kylin attend domestic operating system Trial Seminar organized by LUPA

2014-04-21 14:12:30

 April 17, 2014 ,  organised by LUPA open-source alliance  "domestic operating system Trial Seminar" was successfully held in Animal Husbandry School of Economics in Henan . The seminar was organized by College Director of Henan Province, animal husbandry Weimin Lian School of Economics Dean chaired the seminar to participate in Zhengzhou University, Henan Zhongzhou University, Judicial Police College, Henan Economic and Trade Vocational College , Zhengzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College, Henan Vocational College of Business , Zhengzhou Normal University and other 10 universities , more than 30 teachers and students. The event was got great support by Henan Chenshen Computer Co, Ltd.  (LUPA Henan Management Center )

At the seminar,  Jing Shi  from Ubuntu kylin development team to introduce the installation Ubuntu Kylin operating system and open-source systems , and to respect the stability , the application of the system , such as diversity and fellow teachers had a lively discussion. Meanwhile LUPA technical staff to introduce the "LUPA chip engineering talent ," the idea of ??the goal. After you have signed the teacher "LUPA chip talent project" cooperation program , and expressed positive support for the domestic use of the operating system , in a short time to achieve the completion of the internal school XP replacement work .

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