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Ubuntu Kylin “8.7 Coffee Night” Came to a Satisfactory Close

2014-08-11 21:02:08

Forum news: "8.7 Coffee Night" held by Ubuntu Kylin ended successfully!


It was a memorable and rewarding evening. In order to communicate with 20 technical experts from Canonical, CSIP and NUDT such as Seb, Lain, Didier, Willaim Hua and so on, UK users from all over the world had arrived at “ On the road” Cafe early. And in a moment the cafe was crowded with people. At the beginning of the meeting, a girl from Ubuntu Kylin made the opening presentation in English. At the same time, UK users shouted and clapped enthusiastically, showing their pleasure to participate in this event. And then, participants spoke glowingly of technology and IT life at home and aboard with their own technical idol in English. The meeting lasted nearly three hours. The passion from all the users indicated the bright future of Chinese Linux Technology. This would mean that Ubuntu Kylin system would bring more and more user-friendly experience to UK users! 


Events coming to an end, people left the field slowly, drawing on the experience. They said they looked forward to participate in the next Ubuntu Kylin “8.7 Coffee Night"!