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2014 SFD- Changsha

2014-09-17 16:41:47

1.Event Theme
Embrace Open Source, be the First

Software Freedom Day is scheduled in the third Saturday in September each year. It comes from Ubuntu and is a global celebrations about FOSS(Freedom / Open Source Software ). SFD is meant to deepen the public understanding of the advantages of using high-quality FOSS in education, government and commerce system.


2.Event Overview

Event time: 08:30—12:00, Saturday, Sept 20th, 2014

Event site:Opposite Hunan university-advanced communication technology Hunan key lab in university (college of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering)


Event process:


Introduce the background of SFD, event process and sponsors. Declare the event open.


Booths open, each booth will have a quiz and other activities after presentations.

Diveinedu Booth: display and present Qt5 / QML cross-platform applications, Ubuntu Kylin, MacOSX, Embedded Linux (Raspberry Pi), Win7; cross-compiler development of intelligent routing OpenWrt based on Ubuntu Kylin; the firmware and application demonstration of MT7620A and AR9331 development board router . 
Ubuntu Kylin Booth: showcase the latest OS and its new features, introduce Ubuntu Kylin history and its community culture, and have quiz activities. 
CSDN CODE Booth: CSDN CODE introduction(work platform, knowledge platform, community platforms, as well as the open source camp), and quiz activities. 
Firefox Booth: Firefox Introduction(Firefox OS, Mozilla browser, Mozilla community), play Firefox presentation PPT, video, experience the Mozilla browser, and quiz activities.
10:30—10:40 Break
10:40—11:50 Pass Barriers
11:50—12:00 Prize Presentation


 3. Event Organizers

Hosts: College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, Hunan University;Student Research Training Base of CSU.
Co-organizers: Ubuntu Kylin community; Changsha Diveinedu; Changsha Linux User Group
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Mozilla Online Ltd./ Firefox community

Ubuntu Kylin community Changsha Diveinedu


We look forward to your participation and generous awards wait for you!