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Sogou Pinyin for Linux V1.2 Released!

2015-04-17 11:46:39
Thanks to the hard work of developers and testers, Sogou Pinyin for Linux V1.2 has been released  officially on February 2, 2015. Release log is as follows:
  • Supporting Lexicon Segmentation and Online Update;
  • Improving system and application compatibility and fixing the bug: Sogou Pinyin for Linux can not be run on 15.04;
  • Updating the system tray icon;
  • Disable switch of Sogou Pinyin shortcuts was allowed in settings;
  • Try to automatically restart QIMPanel firstly when it crashes;
  • Improving QIMPanel memory usage policies to reduce prolonged memory usage;
  • Fixing the bug of crashes;
  • Much improvements of details
Youkers are welcomed to try Sogou Pinyin for Linux V1.2. Ubuntu Kylin users can upgrade the software through Ubuntu Kylin Software Center or System Upgrade and also can download it from Sogou website or Ubuntu Kylin website.
Download Sites: