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Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 National Release Series - Changsha Station

2015-06-06 10:37:08

Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 发布派对---长沙站

Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 has been released in April 24, 2015 and its National Release Series started with the joint efforts of Ubuntu Kylin development team and community fans. 
Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 National Release Series will be held simultaneously in various cities, such as Tianjin, Changsha, Chongqing, Xi'an. Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 National Release Series - Changsha Station is hosted by Ubuntu Kylin and Central South University Linux User Group, co-organized by Mozilla Firefox (Firefox community), Kaiyuanshe, OSChina, CSDN, Ubuntu, GitCafe, Huawei, SuperMap, Linuxeden and other open-source organization.
Your enthusiastic participation will contribute to expanding open-source culture and national influence of Ubuntu Kylin and user groups, creating a good foundation and environment for promoting open-source Linux operating system applications.
Time&Date: 14: 00-16 00, Sunday, May 10, 2015
Location: Tianjin University
Host: Zhang Chong
13:40 — 14:00  sign-up
14:00 — 14:10  opening intro
14:10 — 15:00  Yang Zuxun is making a keynote speech, Introduction to Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 & nautilus
15:00 — 15:20  have a break
15:20 — 16:00  Fan Zhou is making a keynote speech, webrtc Video Chat Tech Sharing
Yang Zuxun, the core developer of Ubuntu Kylin open-source project and nautilus
Fan Zhou, Top One Lecturer of Diveinedu