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HP computers pre-installed Ubuntu Kylin is going public in China!

2015-07-07 16:09:30

Summary: Ubuntu Kylin, a free open-source OS have obtained much acceptance and satisfaction of domestic users. Since the publication, it has been widely adopted and there are already ten-million downloads. Besides, we will release the hardware pre-installed Ubuntu Kylin with OEM manufacturers. The first version will be on the market in May 2015.

CCN joint laboratory, made up of CSIP, NUDT and Canonical, has contacted a number of OEM hardware manufacturers in China so that more duly certified hardware with Ubuntu Kylin can face the world.

HP has confirmed that the first batch of hardware preloaded Ubuntu Kylin will complete in Chinese market by HP equipment and provide user experience catering to the need of Chinese users in May 2015.

Hong Shushan, the vice president of Personal Information Products Department China of China Hewlett-PackardCo., Ltd said, "We are very pleased to offer an operating system which caters to the need of business and government customers by Ubuntu Kylin. We look forward to preloading Ubuntu Kylin on a series of HP devices and working together with CNN laboratory in the coming months to provide users with more products."

Wuqing Bo, a researcher and director of Engineering Center in NUDT said, "Thanks to the usual support of domestic and foreign manufacturers, community friends and fans to Ubuntu Kylin, we will bring more features to you. We should promote the spread and development of open source in China with concerted efforts."

Luo Bin, the director of China Coorperation Alliance, Canonical said, "The success of preloading Ubuntu Kylin totaly depends on its local optimization and the technical support. In order to enhance customer value and improve user experience, Ubuntu Kylin penetrates China Developers Community and think for government, commercial enterprises and consumers. We are also very pleased to see HP to take action to
demonstrate its commitment to Chinese market. "

HP devices pre-installed Ubuntu Kylin will be on the market in May 2015. Where to buy & other info: