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Love Designs, Love Desktop —— Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 Wallpaper Contest

2017-04-12 17:10:34

Ubuntu Kylin 15.10“爱尚桌面”壁纸征集活动

Contest Intro

Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 will be officially released in October. In order to offer an excellent customer experience on the desktop, Ubuntu Kylin community will host  Love Designs, Love Desktop —— Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 Wallpaper Contest from July 20, 2015 to September 1, 2015. The contest, open to all the Ubuntu Kylin enthusiasts, collects the most beautiful desktop wallpapers. Come on, everyone! Please join us!


Contest Schedule

Ubuntu Kylin 15.10“爱尚桌面”壁纸征集活动

Submit Entries:July 20, 2015 - August 20, 2015

Selection Time: Aug 21, 2015- Aug 31, 2015
Results Announcement :Sept 1, 2015 


Entry Submission

Please submit the work to the E-mail address:wallpaper[at]ubuntukylin[dot]com and attached your name, tel, the title and the implication description about 50 words of the work or so.
The theme of the E-mail should be“the title of work + Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 Wallpaper Contest”.


Rewards Setting

Ubuntu Kylin 15.10“爱尚桌面”壁纸征集活动


Detail Info

Rules of creation
1. Modes of creatives can be varied, such as photograph, painting, design and so on.
3. Size: All the entries should be 2560x1600 pixels.
4. Format: RGB, JPEG and PNG only.For presentation purpose in contest zone, the contestants should provide a preview work of PFG format which has a same ratio with the entries and its size should not exceed 1 MB.
Entry Selection
1) According to Design Specification of Ubuntu/Ubuntukylin Wallpaper, winners will be selected through combining Internet voting, aesthetic of the works, picture quality, storytelling and whether the style is consist with UK Desktop or not.
2) Every contestant at most uploads 5 pieces of work, each work is regarded as a unit to be selected.
OSS License and Intellectual Property
1. Once submitted the works, contestants will be deemed to have agreed CC-BY-SA3.0 Protocol.
2. The entries must be original. Any intellectual property or copyright dissension occurs, organizing committee will cancel the entry qualification and the participants take the legal consequences.
3. The intellectual property of all the entries is possessed by original authors. The top twenty entries will be Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 Desktop Wallpapers.
4. Ubuntu Kylin has the exclusive use on winning works in this contest and possesses the rights and interests to redesign, produce, present and publish relevant works and so on. Any copyright dissension in commercial use occurs, the participants will take the legal consequences.
5. Ubuntu Kylin official website possesses the rights to present, report, advertise all the entries.
Other terms
1. The participant should provide correct and effective contact information. If the participant does not respond to the prize notice within limited time, the winner may lose qualification and be replaced by other winners.
2. Before submitting the work, please make sure that you have read and are willing to comply with the relevant rules of the contest. Any infringement of the rules of the contest, organizing committee is entitled to cancel the entry qualification.
3. Once submitted the works, contestants will be deemed to have agreed all the relevant rules.
4. UK community committee reserves the right of ultimate interpretation of this contest.