Reviewing Changsha OSC Opensource Innovation Meetup

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    We choose the star city, Changsha as the first station of 2015 OSC Opensource Innovation Meetup. It’s our first time to organize the activity here. However, thanks to the Oscers in Changsha, their active participation relieves us of worries. The activity location seems bring benefits to the Oscers.


Activity Photos are as fowllows:


The signs



    Check-in Table



    The Platform



    Check-in QR code



    Scan the QR code with your cellphone App



Check-in Table



The Oscers on the site



 The Host



Shudu from Taobao is making a speech, How to do the Open Source of the Individual and Enterprise



Wangyang from Huaiwei is making a speech, The Trends and Technical Analysis of CoreOS







Have a Break!





    Yujie from Ubuntu Kylin is making a speech, Unity 7/8 Graphical Desktop Tech and its Progress





The last topic: Virtual Reality - Actually, We Can do a lot, introduced by Chenkai



Lucky Draw Session



  The Oscers is communicating with the speechmaker.



    An Oscer is taking notes.



An oscer is asking questions Actively.