Ubuntu Kylin team and Sogou Co. release Sogou Pinyin for Linux V1.2 Update

Release:2015-04-17 11:54:12 Hits:251


Sogou Pinyin for Linux V1.2 Update, developed by Ubuntu Kylin team and Sogou Co. was released on April 14, 2015. Based on V1.2, developers fixed multiple bugs about user experience. The details are as follows:
  • No prompt when automatic update of Lexicon Segmentation fails;
  • A unified style of Status Bar and suspending prompts;
  • Fixing a bug of a multi-user panel operation;
  • Fixing a bug of confused syllables;
  • Much improvements of details;
Youkers are welcomed to try Sogou Pinyin for Linux V1.2 Update. Ubuntu Kylin users can upgrade the software through Ubuntu Kylin Software Center or System Upgrade and also can download it from Sogou website or Ubuntu Kylin website.
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