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【System Update】Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS Version Weekly

2020-05-13 16:22:53
Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS has been released for two weeks,while gaining everyone's attention and recognition, the official also actively summarized everyone's feedback suggestions from various channels,and timely record and deal with the existing problems. After that, we will organize the new features and bug fixes every week, let us work together,Make the future of Ubuntu Kylin better and better!
优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)

(2020-05-v1)Functional improvements and bug fixes:

Start menu

  • Change the common software interface to all software, open all software interfaces by default;

  • Mixed sorting of common software and all software;

  • Lock applications to all software;

  • Remove the right-click menu delete function;

  • Added alphabetical sorting and function classification interface application list and index button switching dynamic effect;

  • Fix "My Computer" and "Settings" right-click menu, "Setting Start Menu Display List" click invalid;

  • Fix UKUI-KWIN program in start menu;

  • Fix internationalization of power menu;


  • Filtering and deduplication when copying pictures;

  • Achieve icon display by copying files and judge by different file types;

Alarm clock

  • Alarm clock list time, alarm clock edit pulley time changes with time system;

  • The digital scroll wheel is changed to full double digits;

  • Change the size and layout of the notification window;

  • Redraw the ‘Delete Alarm’ warning window;

  • Stopwatch start-reset to increase the animation effect of the label moving up and down;

  • Default setting page, delete ringtone duration option;

  • The default setting page adds ‘Remind me later’ option for setting the reminder time later in the notification bar;

  • Add left mouse drag property to all sliding lists;


  • Added support for pdf, docx, pptx, xlsx file upload;


  • Complete the function of right-click display / hide task view button;

  • Fix no prompt message when U disk pops up;

Control center

  • Fix the control taskbar to display the application name as MainWindow in the task bar;

  • Fix the display abnormal in 5 minutes in the drop-down menu of power setting;

  • Fix control theme setting is invalid;

  • Fix the drop-down menu option in the pop-up window, the selected Chinese characters and highlights are white;

  • Fix application without window border

  • Fix and adjust the screen brightness to restore the default value after restart;

  • Fix input and output devices not internationalized;

  • Fix the setting of custom shortcut keys to cause the program to flash back;

  • Fix the invalidation of authorization box setting "automatic login";

  • Fix the font name in the settings is not updated after restoring the default font;

  • Fix the interface title added since the startup program is not finished;

  • Fix the required information detection mechanism for cloud account registration;

  • Fix that the program locked in the start menu by default cannot be cancelled;

  • Fix the color temperature of night mode cannot be adjusted;

Network tools

  • Fix the network icon showing connection, but actually unable to access the Internet;

Theme framework

  • Fix inconsistent fonts in the file manager;

  • Fix file manager, the down arrow on the [View Type, Sort Type] option of the mouse disappears;

  • Fix the default font display on the desktop is small;

Kylin Weather

  • Fixed the incorrect display of the kylin weather window when the taskbar is on the left;

  • Fix the display error on the weather page;

  • Fix 404 network abnormality after opening;

  • Repair and modify the default area can not be saved;

Document Manager

  • Fix 12-hour date format display incorrect Chinese information;

Update method:

1.Users who download and install the 20.04 image from the Ubuntu Kylin official website can directly update:

$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade

2.Users upgraded from 18.04 and 19.10:

A)Download key packages for UKUI sources and third-party software sources:

UKUI sources: 

Third-party software sources: 

B)Enter the download directory and install the key package:

$ cd ~/download

$ sudo dpkg -i ukui-keyring_2020.04.25_all.deb kylin-software-keyring_2020.04.25_all.deb


$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade