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Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS continues to improve! Optimize HD screen support, add 6 new applications

2020-07-07 17:50:22

Since Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS released, the official teams are stilling actively collecting and gathering users feedback and suggestions, recording and dealing several issues. For any problems or suggestions encountered in the use of the system, welcome to feedback through our user feedback program in system, wechat/QQ communication group, official email, community forum and other ways. The official teams will release system updates irregularly according to the new functions and bug fixes of each component. Let's work together to build a better Linux operating system.

优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)

(2020-07-06) Features improvements and Bugs Fixes

Start Menu

  • Add feature for memorizing user last operation 

  • Add adaptive transparency changes

  • Add adaptive virtual machine resolution change

  • Fix the problem of abnormal black box caused by right-click menu

  • Fix the right-click menu's problem in default state classification button

  • Fix user images missing 

  • Fix part of the application images missing 

  • Fix partial application classification is inaccurate

  • Optimize right-click menu UI


  • Add memory icon size, window size, sidebar width

  • Add right-click shortcut setting wallpaper plugin

  • Add the new memory view and record the corresponding ZOOM level to solve the slider synchronization problem

  • Change the default search to instant search

  • Fix desktop icon drag and drop overlap problem

  • Fix crash under Wayland

  • Fix list view file being hidden

  • Fix the problem that the text in the address bar overlaps after returning after searching

  • Fix desktop unzip file showing two files with the same name

  • Fix file renaming to full space issue

  • Fix rename operation, followed by text problem

  • Fix the empty space at the bottom of the view

  • Fix link failed to open file prompt

  • Fix unable to go back after searching

  • Fix desktop long file names at the bottom running out of bounds

  • Fix selected file name overlapping with icon

  • Fix 4K screen switch to computer directory flash back

  • Fix the current mouse position icon selected when the desktop is inverse selection

  • Fix mount problems with installed partitions


  • Add Ctrl+Alt+W shortcut to open workspace 

  • Add night mode and switch window color

  • Fix quick launch bar unable to open app store

  • Fix last application exception for unfixing quick launch bar

  • Fix quick launch bar icon overlap

  • Fix taskbar is shared across multiple workspaces

  • Fix unable to get newly installed application icon

  • Fix notification area icon missing due to screen switching

  • Fix the storage bar button display abnormality

  • Fix start menu button right button icon missing

  • Fix user unable to customize hidden night mode

  • Fix display problem in notification area for medium/large size

  • Optimize taskbar application adaptation on high resolution screen

  • Optimize "about Kirin" interface font adaptive

  • Optimize the right-click menu in the quick launch bar

UKUI Control panel 

  • Add drop-down box for headphone and microphone display in sound settings

  • Add three levels special effect settings of frosted glass 

  • Fix mid-width font inconsistent with advanced Settings 

  • Fix WPS zoom invalid

  • Fix the crash of the control panel by double-clicking to delete users

  • Fix terminal prompt tone setting does not take effect

  • Fix the failure of setting when user-defined avatar is larger than 2MB

  • Fix the default status display error of special effect mode

  • Fix GTK application switching theme does not take effect

  • Fix network connection status display error in control panel

  • Fix shortcut keys associated with desktop files

  • Optimize international translation

UKUI App Store

  • Add Opera browser

  • Add Vivaldi browser

  • Add Yitu icon software

  • Add Yitu project management software

  • Add MindMaster mind mapping software

  • Add TeamViewer remote connection control software

Cloud account 

  • Add icon display integrity support under 4K high score screen

  • Add hidden effect of synchronous switch display

  • Add button tips during synchronization

  • Add synchronization of power icon and menu in task bar

  • Add tips that password strength reach a standard

  • Fix SVG image display abnormality

  • Fix the verification code is not clear when logging in

  • Fix the failure to synchronize the solid color wallpaper to the picture wallpaper synchronization

  • Fix user can still click when login to cloud account

  • Fix rounded corner defects of synchronous animation

  • Fix area code, currently only supports domestic mobile phones

  • Optimize the interface for successful password modification

Window Manager

  • Fix ukui-kwin inactive window border without shadow

  • Fix after expanding the sidebar, clicking on a window title bar to move causes ukwm to crash

  • Optimize the method for ukui-kwin to obtain magnification factor according to dpi on 4k screen

Session Manager

  • Add keyboard support for shutdown interface

  • Fix the Enter key on the keyboard of the shutdown interface cannot be confirmed

  • Fix crashing session manager when using mutter

  • Optimize high-resolution display

  • Optimize the option to hide the invalid function of shutdown interface

UKUI Assistant

  • Fix U disk recognized as hard disk

  • Fix the close button of the UKUI assistant bullet box is not obvious

  • Optimize the format of the display path such as fast scanning and cleaning

User Guide

  • Add the heading function of the first level of the jump directory

USB Management Tool

  • Fix crash after pop-up operation

  • Fix tray icon does not disappear after ejecting removable device

  • Fix USB interface display hard disk

  • Fix abnormal window position in dual screen mode

Power Management

  • Add interface status (charging, not charging and full), tooltips display status synchronously

  • Add custom mouse and keyboard phone icons and charging animation

  • Fix splash screen when switching power supply statistics interface

Sound management

  • Set the right-click menu transparent frosted glass effect

  • Added headphone speaker osd display function

UKUI Settings Daemon

  • Add font size adapted to the theme

  • Fix Unable to restore after maximizing 

UKUI Theme

  • Fix failed to generate cache file

  • Fix Bluetooth right menu styles with inconsistent ICONS 

  • Fix the scratchpad icon on the taskbar is too small

  • Fix feedback, videos, links, and other ICONS with black blocks 

  • Optimize the text box background of light theme

User Feedback Program

  • Optimize international translation


  • Fix crash caused by double-clicking the label

  • Optimize the animation of new notes in icon mode

Update method:

1. Users upgraded from 20.04:

$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt full-upgrade

2. Users upgraded from 18.04 and 19.10:

a)Download key packages for UKUI sources :(This step only needs to be performed once, skip this step if users who have already done)

UKUI sources: 

Third-party software sources: 

b)Enter the download directory and install the key package:This step only needs to be performed once, skip this step if users who have already done

$ cd ~/download

$ sudo dpkg -i ukui-keyring_2020.04.25_all.deb kylin-software-keyring_2020.04.25_all.deb


$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt full-upgrade