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Ubuntu Kylin 20.04-v3 Released,New Featrues and Bug Fixes

2020-07-07 17:38:26
Since Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS released, the official teams are stilling actively collecting and gathering users feedback and suggestions, recording and dealing several issues. For any problems or suggestions encountered in the use of the system, welcome to feedback through our user feedback program in system, wechat/QQ communication group, official email, community forum and other ways. The official teams will release system updates irregularly according to the new functions and bug fixes of each component. Let's work together to build a better Linux operating system!

优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)

(2020-06-12)New Features and Bugs Fixes (June 12nd, 2020):


  • Add support for classifying by letter

  • Add support for searching by first letter

  • Add support for searching by both English and Chinese

  • New search box animation

  • Improve the classifying modules interaction

  • Improve UI and animations

  • Fix right-click menu icon’s problem in power button

  • Fix failing to read icon after some software installed

  • Fix incomplete display when user name is too long

  • Fix wrong position when double screens

  • Fix avatar is vague

  • Fix svg icon is vague

Peony (File Manager)

  • Allow to quit search directly

  • Allow file operations to be parallel

  • Remember last view type user selected

  • New option in directory view menu (select all, reserve selection, delete permanently, add to favorites)

  • Basic preview page will display current file location

  • Fix crash caused by generating thumbnail for encrypted PDF file

  • Fix new file and other operations that cause the currently selected file to highlight and overwrite the previous file when doing decompression

  • Fix file type filter not working in advanced search

  • Fix the bottom of the repair icon view list is blank, and the long file name is out of range

  • Fix view icon size restored after refresh

  • Fix search box cannot input Chinese continuously

Arm Clock

  • Optimize split line style

  • Optimize header bar button style


  • unordered / ordered list reversible

  • Icon View support

  • Fix font (bold / italics / underline / strikethrough) settings irreversible

UKUI Panel

  • Add the function of U disk unloading a single partition

  • Handle inserting empty storage device

  • Fix the wrong size of the default icon when the application icon is not rea

  • Fix task bar icon is truncated

  • Fix hiding taskbar does not work

  • Fix the button on the taskbar cannot be highlighted when the focus is on an application

  • Fix the file manager unmount U disk, taskbar not synchronized

  • Fix style differentiation when multiple windows are opened in the application area

  • Fix application area icons blur under high screen

UKUI Theme

  • Improve QFrame style

  • Update icon theme

  • Optimize control margins

  • Fix GTK style missing of network tools and treeview controls

  • Fix file permission, soft link and other type icons in icon theme

  • Fix inactive button font color

  • Fix the style of QCombobox pop-up menu

  • Fix the style of some QMenu

UKUI Control Center

  • Add top level navigation label in full screen mode

  • Add network refresh button

  • Add Function-Security Center page

  • UI optimization

  • Fix the problem that the dragging position of the high screen mouse is not right

  • Fix high dpi screen icon is obscure

  • Fix desktop background preview page display problem

  • Fix incorrect maximize minimize icon after fixing drag window

  • Fix incomplete display of internationalized English words

  • Fix "display lock screen wallpaper on login page" function is not effective

  • Fix screen saver settings not working

  • Fix the unable to see the setting value on font size adjustment slider

  • Fix the shortcut key page and wallpaper page display abnormally in dark theme

  • Fix frequent refresh of network module and repeated display of switch list

  • Fix wrong about page display version

  • Fix zoom combobox display abnormally caused by switching night mode

  • Fix the effect mode failure caused by switching theme

UKUI Settings Daemon

  • Fix empty the recycle bin according to the pop-up prompt box is not effective when disk is full

  • Fix screenshot shortcut not available

Window Manager

  • Fix log in again after switching users, the probabilistic rendering of existing forms fails

  • Fix the problem that window effects are lost after accessing the image dual screen

Network Tool

  • The network connection status of network tools is synchronized with the status outside the application

User Guide

  • Fix hover status exception

  • Fix click event probability invalid

Session Manager

  • Fix after upgrading from the lower version, the window manager cannot start automatically

Power Manager

  • Update app Icon

  • Fix the wrong position of the first open window on the desktop

  • Add different font color for different time left

Update method:

1.Users who download and install the 20.04 image from the Ubuntu Kylin official website ( can directly update:

2. Users upgraded from 20.04:

$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade

3. Users upgraded from 18.04 and 19.10:

a)Download key packages for UKUI sources and third-party software sources:(This step only needs to be performed once, skip this step if users who have already done)

UKUI sources: 

Third-party software sources: 

b)Enter the download directory and install the key package:This step only needs to be performed once, skip this step if users who have already done

$ cd ~/download

$ sudo dpkg -i ukui-keyring_2020.04.25_all.deb kylin-software-keyring_2020.04.25_all.deb


$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade