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[News] Kingsoft Kuaipan for UK 1.0 RC was released

2014-01-04 17:27:31

After UK team and Jinshan Cloud company nearly two months to develop and perfect, kuaipan for Ubuntu Kylin 1.0 RC beta was released today, welcome youkers to download and give us valuable suggestions and feedback. Relative to the October released Beta version, this version adds a number of features and fixes Bug which will affect system stability. The main improvements are as follows:

  • New Selective synchronization;
  • New Kuaipan directory synchronization icon;
  • Add a button to get the log function;
  • Added auto-reconnect feature server disconnected;
  • Mobile software installation location to / opt directory;
  • Adjust the system menu structure;
  • Off by default desktop notifications;
  • Reduce deb package volume;
  • Fixed nearly 20 bugs.

Users can download from following website: