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[News] Korea IT media discussed about Windows XP been replaced

2013-12-25 10:05:11

December 17 2013, well-known South Korean IT website BusinessKorea post a blog titled "Alternative To Windows XP Ubuntu Emerges as Free Alternative Operating System to Windows", causing many users to discuss.


In this blog believes that with Windows XP officially retired in April 8 2014, except Windows, MacOS, the third choice in OS has become a problem that exists in reality, Linux operating system has been given a highly hope. Despite Linux operating system lack of graphics driver support in the office, the practical application of banking experience problems, but also has considerable potential and advantages. For example, Linux Ubuntu is easy to install, support for Korean, support for mobile devices. Windwos XP is retired from the OS stage, commercial companies might want to step into the web-based office model rather than tied to any particular operating system, because the future of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP will face the same fate.


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