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UK government announced a test report that Ubuntu is the safest system in 11 systems!

2014-01-15 18:30:51

According to report from CCIDNET.COM: The British government national security sector CESG announced an assessment report of computer system today, compared to 11 desktop, mobile operating security system, made a conclusion that Ubuntu is the safest system of 11 systems !

This report examines 11 aspects of security, including VPN, disk encryption, authentication, secure boot, platform integration and application sandbox, the application whitelisting, malicious code detection and prevention, security policy enforcement, external interface protection, equipment updates strategy, corporate event collection analysis and incident response.

The test systems are Android 4.2, Android 4.2 belong to Samsung device, Apple iOS, Apple Mac OS X 10.8, Blackberry BB 10.1 (EMM Corporate), blackberry 10.1 (EMM Regulated), Google Chrome OS 26, Ubuntu 12.04, Windows 7 / 8, Windows RT 8, Windows Phone 8.

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