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Linux Desktop Management Tool - Youker Assistant V0.3.2 released!

2014-01-11 23:03:05

Ubuntu Kylin team took six months to create Youker Assistant, and now it will release 0.3.2 version on January 10, 2014! The current version has the following characteristics:

  • More powerful: It is a multifunctional management tool like a housekeeper that including system cleanupsystem embellish, system information, resource information, network traffic, weather forecast, input method configuration, recommended software, task management, and other functions. Make you more convenient and easy!
  • More beautify: All operation with humanized design and it use QT and QML technology, maintaining consistent experience of multi-system. What's more, the animation is more refreshing.
  • More Stable: The new module management framework and problem fixed function ensure the stability and independence of each component.


Project Homepage: