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Countdown : Windowx XP Stop Update Service

2014-03-23 09:29:39

January 2014 , Microsoft announced that Windows XP will be stop service on April 8, 2014 , exactly speaking to stop security update service. According to third-party statistics , currently China has at least 200 million users still using 13-year -old classic operating system. Whether ordinary users or Chinese governments are faced with a dilemma. For ordinary users are facing differences and experience , for Chinese government is facing security and a huge costs pressure .

Now, there are 20 days left to the historic moment, Windows monopoly two decades of Chinese market will eventually go from here ? Users and manufacturers how to deal with it ? Let us see :
Planning and starring : Microsoft

Subtext: "Hey, I am NO.1 in the world, i am the boss turf! "

"However, in order to reflect the glorious image of business, there has proper ways to explain, otherwise people will say we forced to sell it ."

According to report from China -driven network website on March 18 that Microsoft is currently working with Asus, Acer , HP, Dell and other OEM vendors to purchase promotions, and offers the equivalent of U.S. $ 50 gift card , allowing users to buy software in Windows shop or accessories . Meanwhile, Microsoft will offer a 90-day free support services, including free data transfer tool to help and encourage users to quickly update to the latest version of operating system .

Security vendors : Qihoo 360 , etc.

Subtext : "Brothers, it rains , benefit for us ! "

" Replace Microsoft to make responsible for high-profile successor XP system security can be more fully reflect the strength of the company and enhance the public image , you can also take the opportunity to make good relations with the government , the Case can take ! "


Supply the 200 million users with security services , both need courage and strength. because 360they do not outlaw the cards , although widely criticized by the industry and peers , but in the office or took the initiative the upper hand. March 12 , according to reports from China News, Microsoft has announced cooperate with 360 companies providing security services for China XP users, and WINDOWS 8 upgrade program.

Operating system vendors : Red Flag , Kylin , Ubuntu Kylin, Deepin Linux, YLMF , ...

Subtext : "Really? we waited so many years ... "

" Opportunity knocks come . follow me! "

Domestic operating system under the Windows monopoly and institutional constraints , ,Kylin, Deepin Linux, YLMF survival in this fight, as well as recent to join the open source community - Ubuntu, independent development of open-source operating system Ubuntu Kylin ( click to download accumulated 2,000,000 times ) , Are you ready?

Jury : ordinary users and government users

Subtext : " Domestic operating system , easy to use, have QQ, Baidu video online , Thunderkankan ...... ? " ( Ordinary users )

"Domestic certainly should support , replaced os have bad effect on business? Have Office ? Safe? " (Government users )

" Ah , fortunately we have 360 to resist that always fight with Baidu Tencent...... "

it is Said that user is God, but God will have trouble. government not only is policy makers , but also consumer. Therefore, the Government should be from the user's point of view , improve the ecological environment to provide more support and support for the domestic operating system.

In short , Windows XP stop service for domestic os not only a challengebut also a opportunity, the opportunities outweigh the challenges. Domestic operating system can take the important role , so we'll see in the future .