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Guangnan Ni said : XP stop update service, domestic alternative is a two-step process

2014-03-25 08:48:31

 recently according to interviews of Guangnan Ni in China Electronics News, Electronic Information Industry Network, and contents as follows:

 lately, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering  Guangnan Ni noted that Windows XP stop service is a major information security incidents, he suggested Chinese XP users not upgrade to Windows 8 system. However, if you do not upgrade your system, China XP users will face a great risk of information security vulnerabilities. In this regard, Guangnan Ni accept the interview of "China Electronics News", said that the fundamental solution is to replace XP with domestic operating system, considered lack of domestic system, we should intensify research and development, during this transitional period, China XP users can use reinforcement technology, a couple of years, with domestic system instead.

Reporter: At present, you think that why China-made operating system development process is unsmooth?and have chance to breakthrough?
Guangnan Ni: For decades the development of China's smart terminal operating system does not form a national will, the lack of top-level design. Only two or three hundred small-scale companies to do desktop operating system, under unclear circumstances of intellectual property risks , to support a number of companies to do os based Android, fighting each other in the low-level redundant. Moreover, lack of awareness, exist intellectual property risks. However, Microsoft will stop support for XP service in April 2014, forcing users to upgrade to "Windows 8." China now has 200 million XP computer, according to statistics, 85% of users do not want to upgrade to "Windows 8", these computer systems it is possible to replaced by domestic operating system, which is breaking point for the development of China's smart terminal operating system.

Reporter: Microsoft stopped support for XP service soon, and domestic applications of  operating system is not ideal. In this case, Chinese users will be caught in a dilemma. How do you to balance relationship of being replaced and users interests maintained?
Guangnan Ni: that can be divided into two paths. The first step is "Windows 8" should not be included in the government procurement catalog, government and major industries do not upgrade to "Windows 8." Experience shows that in 2006 we will not allow Vista included in the government procurement catalog, Vista near zero results in China's market share. Now, through the  i nstructions of the national leadership, this step has been achieved. The second step is an alternative to Microsoft's takeover XP support services, so that the 200 million computers in Microsoft stopped support services still work, to create conditions for the implementation of the localization of the next alternative.

March 7 Microsoft's collect some downstream industry chain partners held a press conference to launch "Windows XP User Support Program " ( "bar fence" ) , clearly call for Chinese users, the upgrade to the " next-generation operating system - Windows 8 . " XP users against Microsoft pulled China 's "bar fence " program, the recent " political research as" circles of CEC, CETC, China Software Industry Association issued a statement , formate the " China Industry Alliance intelligent terminal operating system " and launched the " Alliance secure cloud services " to ensure normal operation China XP users , so that around 200 million XP users launched a battle .

Since Microsoft will no longer provide support, to protect the safety of XP users can not rely on patching , but should rely on a trusted reinforcement technology innovation . The current market has some self- reinforcement techniques, such as Kexin Huatai’s reinforcement technology used in some sectors ( such as power distribution networks etc. ) has achieved good results . Now if we want to further integrate all resources,make good preparation to deal with large-scale users. If you can do without patching XP computer also would work properly that users will trust us, for the next operating system to replace XP with domestic -made creating favorable conditions .

Reporter: For the localization plan, is there a clear timetable?
Guangnan Ni: If we successful takeover XP, we will implement a domestic alternative XP in one or two years, and then advancing to replace the "Windows 7." Then, in three to five years, expanding from the desktop to the mobile terminal, and gradually replace the operating system of the mobile terminal, and finally to China smart terminal operating system has become the fourth systems in the world after Apple, Google and Microsoft's.
Historically, Apple, Google's system to become the dominant system in the mobile space, only cost a few years, so os localization not take long time, if we can not achieve this goal in a short time, the field of smart toperating system erminal may as same as the PC area, after many years, Control Rights was control firmly in three foreign systems.

Reporter: which road does domestic operating system choose? Now is there any basis?
Guangnan Ni: Domestic operating system will take open-source route. In view of the operating system is the most basic software, is extremely large and complex, can not be used completely closed manner, every line of code to write by their own. Existing smart terminal operating system more or less inherited the Unix, Linux and Windows no matter which one of them has at least 20 years history. So the domestic system should "stand on the shoulders of giants innovation", good use of open source software. However, we should deal with the relationship between innovation and open source software.

Some one think open-source software as a "free" software, free use have intellectual property risk. In fact, open source software has its own rules of the game, and some may simply require user to make a declaration some may require user to disclose code...... we all need to respect its corresponding "license" and intellectual property. For commercial companies to support open source software, we need to obtain the appropriate commercial license, so in addition to intellectual property risk aversion, you can also get other benefits, for example, do not allow for key modules deal with the usual open source licenses, not to disclose.

Some one think the open source software as a "foreign" software, which is a misunderstanding. It should be noted that open source software development model is very suitable for cloud computing , and now the world’s (including China) Internet companies provided "cloud services", most of them are based on open source software platform. Although the Chinese people have few right in the open source community (online collaborative organization of open source software), but this is temporary, with  increasing  investment, Chinese people can lead some open source community.

Some one put open source software and innovation in a opposition place,they think use open source software will form "dependency ", which does not meet the development trend of the software industry . Open source software has about 30 years of history, it can grow more and more in a small investment( compared to proprietary software ) , indicating that the vitality of the software development model should be like Apple and Google , of course , use open source software does not mean that every software should be open  .

Currently, NUDT based on open source software Ubuntu developing a credible intelligent terminal operating system kernel - UbuntuKylin, expects its 14.10 version ( a LTS version ) will support the " App Store" , can be used as the core of the domestic intelligent terminal operating system. Ubuntu is internationally recognized as the best desktop Linux, desktop version which has 21 million users worldwide , and NUDT developers and Ubuntu community pioneered China 's precedent.

China and Canonical commercial companies have maintained close cooperative relations , expecting UbuntuKylin to obtain legal authorization from Canonical , so that we can avoid the risk of intellectual property rights .

The open source community is the foundation of open source software development . UNDT developers and  the Ubuntu open source community has made good progress in the future to increase investment in the open source community , for Chinese people to get a greater voice right in the community

Reporter: In order to promote domestic alternative plan, we established the China Industry Alliance smart terminal operating system, then what the Alliance will do and its function
Guangnan Ni: For a long time, approach only to rely on science and technology plan to support the operating system, in practical that was not successful. today Large projects use "team" plan. Therefore, we should learn from the experience of "beidou" and "TD" and other industrial alliances, play a decisive role of the market in allocating resources, and through the formation of "China Industry Alliance intelligent terminal operating system" ("Union"), d Under the leadership of network security and Informatization Leading Group, carry forward the "two bombs and one star" and the spirit of manned spaceflight, increase innovation, integration of the Chinese community resources, collaborative innovation, and vigorously promote the domestic development of smart terminal operating system and application, make a real solution In this long-term problems.

"Union" can absorb private capital, to support open source software and Foundation of open source software workers, "alliance" can support and complement with national science and technology to better promote the industrialization of the domestic operating system.

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