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Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 version release party was officially launched

2016-08-19 14:44:28

Under the joint efforts of Ubuntu Kylin R & D team andr community Ubuntu Kylin lovers, Ubuntu Kylin's first LTS version 14.04 will be officially released on April 17, 2014. To cooperate with Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 promotion, Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 version release party was officially launched


Organized by Ubuntu Kylin community an opensourse Association, CASIA, Linux group of Xi`an University of Posts Telecommunications, Shanghai Linux User Group, Tianjin Linux User Group (Nankai Linux Users Association), Guangzhou Linux User Group, Ubuntu LoCo Team, CZT IT technology Salon and research training base of Central South University, Hunan University and other open source organizations and units were held simultaneously in several cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Changsha, Guangzhou, Xi'an. With Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 released on April 17 will set off a month of community activities, will greatly expand the open source culture and Ubuntu Kylin's influence and user groups in the country through these activities, in response to Windows XP stop the service, to promote domestic operating system and create a good community, promote the construction of China-made open-source operating system application of ecological environment.


In addition to these cities, Ubuntu Kylin open-source community welcomes more organizations and associations involved in a series of activities, if you are the lover of the open-source culture, have some experience in event organization who can apply to Ubuntu Kylin official website; intends to participate in the local version released Events a, Ubuntu Kylin communities will provide necessary assistance, including the proposed activities and souvenirs.


The official release party will be held in Beijing in May 10, 2014,, Changsha in May 17, in order to attract more developers and community enthusiasts to participate in this event and make plans for the development of Ubunty Kylin, Ubuntu Kylin community will be funded community enthusiast and contributor to Changsha attend launch party to brainstorm and discuss plans. If you are an Ubuntu Kylin project code contributors o, please hurry to apply it.


The series of activities related to the country details and organizational activities arranged around open access to: Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 release nationwide series of events topics, so stay tuned to this site and the subsequent progress of the local organizers of online media. Open organizational activities and Ubuntu Kylin roundtable hosted application mailbox: releaseparty[at]ubuntukylin[dot]com.