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Ubuntu One Files service is about to stop , Ubuntu Kylin joint Kingsoft KUAI PAN TO Relay

2014-04-06 22:54:46

Canonical company which support Ubuntu has officially announced : Ubuntu One store will closed storage and music service on June 1, 2014 , before July 31 Ubuntu will provide users to download , but after July 31 storage server on Ubuntu One user data be deleted. In fact , last year , Ubuntu Kylin and Canonical team has achieved communications and prepare alternatives : Ubuntu Kylin teams and Kingsoft create KuaiPan disk for Ubuntu Kylin version was started in August 2013 ,In January 2014 released the official version 1.0 . Since advantages of usage patterns, access speed, storage space , with the support of a large number of domestic Ubuntu / Ubuntu Kylin lovers.

To better serve Ubuntu / Ubuntu Kylin customer , Ubuntu One stop service to users of the impact to a minimum , Kingsoft KuaiPan with Ubuntu Kylin team issued a joint statement : We will release the official version 2.0 in May 2014 , to provide more multiple enhancements, and for all for the first time successfully registered Ubuntu / Ubuntu Kylin reward users with 500MB of space enthusiasts are welcome to gradually switch Kingsoft KuaiPan into Ubuntu Kylin version !