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Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 Wallpaper Contest five best picture

2014-04-06 22:59:01

Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 Wallpaper Contest with "beautiful China" as its theme, up to March 12, 2014 we received nearly 100 outstanding works, the organizing committee based on Ubuntu / Ubuntu Kylin wallpaper specification, integrated Internet voting and other factors ultimately choose 20 works into Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 release version. The following is the result of community representatives voted Top five works.      

 NO.1 "Kingfisher"



“Two orioles were twittering among the green willow。”(Jonas,manager of Ubuntu Kylin community)

“Smart, , suitable for use as wallpaper ”(Yue Chen,manager of China open-source website )

At first it was fascinated, its eyes with handsome and sharp If Background with lotus in fall may more perfect" Chunxiang Guo, Linux User Group in Nankai University)”

“Nice composition of a bird on lotus, which is common in China. Good depth of field that makes it looks nice as a wallpaper”(Anthony,Canonical)

Ubuntu 14.04 Wallpaper Contest TOP five works also have a kingfisher that is a coincidence?


     summer fleid



"While imitation may be considered as same as classic XP wallpaper, but I just love this tune" (lingyired, UbuntuSoft webmaster)         

"This picture looks nice as a wallpaper, and it can represent a kind of natural scenery in China" (Anthony, Canonical & PM of Ubuntu Kylin)         

"With a good distance and color, and suitable for wallpaper" (Maclin, Ubuntu Kylin QA Leader)    


Summer Palace



" show the most beautiful of traditional Chinese architecture,however the most amazing thing is that Beijing has such blue sky" (Chunxiang Guo)     

 "This picture looks nice as a wallpaper, and it can represent a kind of natural scenery in China" (Anthony)        

"Chinese characteristics can be considered, the tone seems more comfortable, but lack of composition, too many trees on the hill space, giving the sense of oppression" (Maclin)




"Deep, penetrating wallpaper" (Chen Yue) 

 "Reinforced concrete can be so handsome, " (Chunxiang Guo) 

 "Unique perspective" (Jonas)  





Entire photo layout and more coordinated shades that looks deep,feel more comfortable. If the color is a little bit of clarity might be better "(Maclin)
  " pure Blue, transparent, suitable for wallpaper" (Jack Yu, Leader of Ubuntu Kylin Project)



In accordance with the contest rules, the top three will receive a wallpaper contest worth of 1000-300 yuan material rewards and certificates, top 20 wallpaper owner will receive UK souvenirs and certificates. More wallpapers, please visit :