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Expert said about XP retirement: China heavily dependent on foreign, danger technology information security situation

2014-07-10 16:30:29

People website on IT Channel headlines for the Windows XP operating system to stop the service, publish article "Expert talk about XP retirement: heavily dependent on foreign technology, danger technology information security situation.


Article Aiming at "Windows XP operating system will bring what kind of impact of Information Security," "Chinese software vendors have the ability to undertake XP market space", "XP retirement event will bring what kind of impact of industries "and other hot issues of public concern, making interview of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center Qinshan Qiu, Chen Zhong --Computer Science Department of Peking University, China OSS Promotion Union Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Peng Liu.


Experts recalled with the history of the development of operating systems in an interview, for Windows XP to stop the service and future development of the operating system they gave their insights and highlighted in an interview "Thankfully, in recent years, atmosphere of open source software to improved year after year, more and more people to participate in the open source community, such as open source software innovation by the CCN joint laboratory support integration with the international community for Chinese users Ubuntu development of the open source operating system gifted unicorn (Ubuntu Kylin), has been made in terms of cultural customization of Applied Ecology building, Chinese community building good progress is expected April 17, 2014 Posted Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 LTS version is reported, the CCN lab innovative cooperation mechanisms different from the past, now they are depth cooperation with the Ubuntu community SDK, technology and other aspects of the desktop environment, that Chinese users with a more comfortable operating experience. open source community is the foundation of open source software, only to increase investment in the open source community to contribute more code before to get more say in the open source community, so choose open-source operating system of domestic routes, only into the open source community development, that will achieve successful. "


This is encourage both to Ubuntu Kylin represented China’s open source operating system, but also for the future development of national security infrastructure software specified direction.


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