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Windows XP officially retired, ATMs affected

2014-04-11 08:59:28

Reports from Sohu News: Windows XP will say goodbye to us, automatic teller machines (ATM)affected.


Today, 13-year-old Microsoft Windows XP system officially announced, "retired", "blue sky, white clouds and green hill", this classic desktop will become memories. It is reported that Microsoft will stop Windows XP and OFFICE2003 technical support in April 8, and to push a new system -- Microsoft Windows 8.1 to the users. According to Microsoft released security notice, early morning on April 9 will be the last time provide XP security updates. That means that although you can continue to use the XP system, but has been a lack of security, and cannot be updated. a large number of users to express feelings of sadness. Up to yesterday, Beijing Morning News reporters see topic list of "Farewell XP" and "with XP say goodbye" on blog, to, has nearly two million micro-blog discussions.


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