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Inquiry Function of Ubuntu Kylin Wechat Public Account Released Officially

2014-07-14 15:17:54

For the convenience of our users to learn and use Ubuntu Kylin system, the development team officially launches the inquiry service based on Wechat public account. If users follow the public account: UK201304, they can gain the latest information about Ubuntu Kylin, receive the team-introduction and instruction manual and query a variety of common problems which met in the installation, start-up and using process and their solutions. New users will no longer worry that during the installation the browser cannot be started to look up solutions.

New public account interface and function are shown in the pictures: to click on FAQ, users will obtain a detailed operating method. If followers can not see the customized menu, they can refollow after unfollow (please search the Wechat account: UK201304 or directly scan the QR code on the top left corner of the webpage with Wechat).

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