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Kingsoft Kuaipan 2.0 Improved Version Released with Multiple Known Bugs Fixed

2015-03-06 15:43:16

  Compared with V2.0.0.0, V2.0.0.3 mainly updates the followings:

  • Add quit button for each pop-out view.
  • Refine sync status info.
  • Fix the bug(LP: #1325162): Bandwidth settings have no effect.
  • Fix the bug(LP: #1325164): Icons in the top bar are out of focus.
  • Fix the bug(LP: #1332780): File filtering settings reset after restarting app.
  • Fix the bug: The token still tried to connect to server after it expired.
  • Fix the bug: Improperly show "lost sync root" message when unlink account.

  Ubuntu Kylin users can upgrade Kingsoft Kuaipan not only through the system update feature or Ubuntu Kylin Software Center but also via the Ubuntu Kylin website. Download address: