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Ubuntu Kylin “8.7 Coffee Night” Looks Forward to Your Participation

2014-07-25 17:54:39

The enthusiasm of World Cup is fading away. Will the 2014 summer vacation also slip away? No! The life of IT men and women will always be wonderful.


CCN Open Source Software Innovation Joint Laboratory Technical Conference will be held in Changsha from Aug. 6, 2014 to Aug. 8, 2014. Many technical experts from Canonical, CSIP and NUDT will gather together and discuss about the Ubuntu Kylin 16.04 roadmap, desktop UI design, software center construction, Ubuntu SDK and other major fundamental issues deeply and comprehensively. During the discussion, some big fish from the Ubuntu community are: 

  • Seb: proficient in Unity and Gnome software stack 
  • Lain:an Debian / Ubuntu developer and Ubuntu SDK expert
  • Didier:Ubuntu repository administrator and Ubuntu Touch continuous integration, testing and release manager
  • Willaim Hua:proficient in keyboard indicator, shortcut keys and Ubuntu Control Panel Development

They will also work with Ubuntu Kylin team engineers on site to solve a variety of "wonderful" problems encountered in the development process.

To enrich this exchange activity, the organizer will host the "2014 Summer Ubuntu Kylin Coffee Night" technical salon scheduled at 19:30 on August 7 in "On the road" cafe ( besides Hao Ledi, No. 172, Furong Road, Tianxin District) and welcome open source IT technology enthusiasts form Changsha and the surrounding areas. Activity Content: Just drink coffee and talk about technology issues with Ubuntu technology masters and Ubuntu Kylin engineer. Enjoy a good summer! Not good English? Never mind, possibly you can drink beer with Jack. The cafe manager also is an enthusiasts of digit and open source software.

Twenty participants who registered in Huodongxing and received a Wechat confirmation from the organizer can obtain a free supper( including main meals, drinks and snacks) provided by Ubuntu Kylin. Other participants can receive free drinks. The host will give priority to friends from other places. Limited seats, please register now!