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Ubuntu Kylin co-organizes Open-source Developers Tour Study with Kaiyuanshe

2015-04-13 14:50:06

-------This may be a brand new Chinese student movement.

Intro:If you have the right attitude, intresting problems will find you. —— Eric, The Cathedral and the Bazaar



What happened
In China, there are 400 colleges and universities, which has more than 12,000 associations. Among these associations, the open-source community or computer society will never be popular like drama club or basketball club. 
However, now IT Rush is sweeping Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong. It also influences the students in campus.
They may contact the forefront of technology and products, and perhaps are eager to change the world, or that they have the ability to change the world, but with a loss.


What should we do

This is a carnival for open source and also a activity for open-source community or computer society in China.

  • Open-source Developers Tour Study
  • Covering more than 100 colleges and universities and recruiting more than 60 students
  • Recruiting the core organizers of open-source community in colleges or open-source project contributors
  • Recruiting core organizers of Computer Societies
  • Free transportation
  • Free accommodation
  • Three regions

      Beijing: (Fri. - Sun.) May 8 - 10,2015

      Shanghai: (Fri. - Sun.) May 15-17, 2015 

      Guangzhou: (Fri. - Sun.) May 22-24,2015 

  • A three-day journey
  • Students exchanges between multiple universities
  • Community building
  • Top open-source developers
  • Open-source Ambassador Program
  • Visiting unopened Hackathon
  • Joining in Hackathon
  • Mystery prize for Hackathon 
  • Supporting for community in the future