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YHKylin Operating System Community Version 4.0.2-SP2 Has Released Officially!

2017-12-22 16:28:15

YHKylin OS community version has gained lots of love from Linux users since its last release. Official website downloads are almost 800 thousand times. Many users gave us great suggestions and advice.  

Aimed at solving bugs and updating applications, developing team took more than half a year to upgrade this community version. In SP2 version, desktop environment/ kernel/ fundamental library/ system upgrade and compatibility are all improved. A brand new experience for YHKylin community version is waiting for you!

YHKylin Operating System Community Version 4.0.2-SP2 Has Released Officially!

Main updates in SP2 including:

1. UKUI updates to 2.1. Several parts are improved like system icon/ theme color and window style, especially for start menu/ taskbar panel/ control panel and file manager and so on.

2. Kernel updates to 4.11 version. Besides new features and device driver adding, some CVE security holes are repaired, which made suitability and security better. A problem that community system can not be installed because of new machine configuration is solved as well.   

3. For application adaptation, besides update former third-party applications, Kylin video/ Kylin burner are added to meet daily use of life and work.

4. For system upgrade, establish a SP service packs for upgrade method. A unify upgrade pack is utilized to updating system.

5. For compatibility, a stable fundamental library in SP2 can make sure applications installed before still work well.

In order to experience and use YHKylin Operating System community 4.0.2-SP2 version, newest image is available online. If there is a YHKylin community former version in your machine, you can download the upgrade package. Only four steps take to accomplish an upgrade. Downloading website

YHKylin Operating System Community Version 4.0.2-SP2 Has Released Officially!

YHKylin community version is a customized system based on Ubuntu Kylin 1606 LTS version. It integers UKUI desktop environment and several third-party applications which have long term support and update, designed for users to do daily work. If you have any troubles in using this system, we would be grateful to receive your suggestions and advice at

Get more details about YHKylin community system, please visit, or search our official account “Ubuntu_Kylin”at wechat.