CZT IT technology Salon was held successfully

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The first phase of CZT(short for changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan)IT technology Salon inaugural meeting was held in yesterday afternoon at theCentral South University, attracted about 40 IT technology enthusiasts from Ubuntu Kylin community , Chinese Database Technology Conference salon , IT168 , Central South University ChinaUnix website sponsored backpacks and other special prizes for this event .



The event continued over four hours , from JinEn technology Yu Zhou, East Software Zhan Shu , palm pay Zhenyu Hu , Nutshell technology Wei Hu and Ubuntu Kylin team member Kaiqun Gao, respectively made speech , covering massive data processing , Git version control and code testing , Eclipse entry , NoSQL database MongoDB, Linux kernel and so on. Speakers well prepared, delivering speech with humor, and informative sample , participants expressed their participation in this event ,they hopes to continue to carry out such activities in the future , creating an active , positive culture of open source in CZT area.


   PS : this event’s PPT will upload soon, please pay attention to the site and Ubuntu Kylin forum announcement.