Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 Alpha 2 beta was released

Release:2014-01-26 15:13:00 Hits:291

January 24, 2014, Ubuntu Kylin and Kubuntu、 Xubuntu these official Ubuntu derivative versions released test version simultaneously. Compare with official version Alpha 1, this version fixes a dozen of bugs, but there are some bugs need to be fixed. 14.04 Alpha 2 continue to upgrade some existing features, including: youker assistant, Kingsoft kuaipan, fcitx input panels etc. For more information, please visit:http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=ubuntukylin or http://www.ubuntukylin.com/downloads/show.php?lang=cn&id=171

      Download website:http://www.ubuntukylin.com/downloads/


Ps:14.04 Alpha 2 is Alpha preview version, not suitable for average users, but welcome Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 developers and users willing to participate in trial.