Ubuntu Kylin Team Release Shortlist of 2014 Open Source Camp Proposals

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The shortlist of Ubuntu Kylin "2014 Open Source Camp" proposals finalized after nearly a month of registration and selection. In 2014 summer camp, Ubuntu Kylin community submitted a total of seven proposals. The number of students registered for elections reached 84 person and ranked only second to Tencent Open Source (101) and Intel Labs China(92).

During the application, Ubuntu Kylin mentor group read and analyzed every student’s opening report carefully, interacted and communicated with some of the students positively and answered their questions and provided reference materials patiently. It not only improved the vitality of the overall activity, but also laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the subsequent tasks.

The followings are the shortlist of Ubuntu Kylin "2014 Open Source Camp" proposals.





C-E Dictionary App Development 
Based on Ubuntu SDK

Liu Qu

Harbin Institute of 
Technology at Weihai

Li XiaolinShi Jin

Linux System Enhanced Service 
Based on Cloud Storage

Yang Xibin

Heilongjiang University

Luo Lei

Linux USB Driver Assistant

Si Lu

Shangdong University

Li Xiang

Enhanced Development of System Time 
Supporting Lunar Calendar

Shi Tianxin

University of Electronic 
and Technology of China

Huang Xu

Switcher Plug-in Design and 
Implementation Based on Compiz

Cui Minghao

Nanjing University of Posts
 and Telecommunications

Peng Huan

Apparmor Enhances Ubuntu
 Viisual Configuration Tool

Wang Yiqun

University of Electronic Science
 and Technology of China

Gao Qunkai

Linux Android Phone 
Management Tool

Zhang Pengyu

Zhongyuan University of 



Throughout the following internship, Ubuntu Kylin mentor group will guide all students together and help students successfully to complete their projects and to obtain internship bonus.