Candidates of Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 "Show Yourself" Wallpaper Contest

Release:2014-09-05 17:22:53 Hits:53


The candidates of Ubuntu Kylin 14.10 "Show Yourself" Wallpaper Contest have been released! Thank you all for active participation in this event and voting your favorite works. Ubuntu Kylin UI designers also deserve our thanks for giving another opportunity to those works with lower votes, but very high quality.


21 candidates were made up of 14 ones from top-16 in the Forum Vote and 7 ones selected by Ubuntu Kylin designers. Because the work UK-000042, UK-000041 and UK-000043 have repetitive design style,  UK-000042 with higher votes becomes the candidate


In order to select the most outstanding wallpapers fairly, Ubuntu Kylin community will send 21 candidates to the people in charge and designers of other communities. They will select top 10 finally. Which works will be the top 10? Which one will eventually become the first winner of the event and win the Red Mi? Let us focus on the press release of September 10!


The list of 21 candidates:Note: A user name one vote. The forum will delete repeated votes and recalculate the total.