"Easy, Happy, Life"—— Ubuntu Kylin is looking ahead to 2015

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How time flies! Ubuntu Kylin is already two years old.
2014 was a year with many years of joys and sorrows which were missing Flight MH 370, continuous shocks in the Middle East, Ukraine political changes as well as China Dama rushed to gold, Chinese anti-corruption storm, the World Cup, falling oil prices, haze, Alibaba listed in America and so on. The fate of each person are closely linked to the times background. Thus, even we, open-source code farmers cannot hold ourselves aloof from the world successfully. All kinds of events went one after another, like COS release, TeamTalk off the shelf, Xiaomi and GPL, etc. Unfortunately, even Ubuntu Kylin was blacken its name by Sina Technology.
However, you do not have to be discouraged because there are also many breeze in open source community, just as CSDN said in the article, "Reviewing Open Source events in 2014": Kaiyuanshe was undoubtedly that the most significant event which is held by Ubuntu Kylin together with CSDN, GNOME Asia, GitCafe, Microsoft Development Tech (Yes, the Microsoft listed is that Microsoft. Everyone can take part in open source, regardless of their origin) and other core members. More than 40 well-known open-source communities, businesses and open-source developers has participated in Kaiyuanshe till its 100 days’ establishment, and KYS receives new applications every day. Excellent open-source projects, such as Open Source Ambassador, Open Source Star, Open Source Developers Conference, Open Source Bazaar and so on spring up like mushrooms. At one time not only the talents but also the new comers gathered to join in technical exchanges and brainstorming to look into the future about open-source governance and ecology. I bet every participant will have the brainstorming's pleasure and the open source is heard, concerned and shared by an increasing number of people. Just like my favorite Tomas Yao's mantra:" The mad are happier", KYS, you’ve got it!
Ubuntu Kylin never stops growing and being mature in the cooperation with Ubuntu and other excellent open-source communities at home and abroad. From 13.04 to 14.10, the cumulative downloads comes up to 900 million and at the same time, Ubuntu Kylin is giving Youkers different experiences about "Easy·Excellent·Expert·Elaborate" and successfully held many community activities just like, wallpaper contests, release parties, Developers Conference, Software Freedom Day, Open Source Developers Conference and so on and closely cooperated with Kuaipan, WPS, Sogou Pinyin, bringing a fresh wind to Chinese open-source community!


OK, too much for 2014. Let’s talk about 2015. Sogou Pinyin for Linux V1.2 was officially released in February 2, 2015 with Cell Segmentation, gaining lots of favorable user comments. That being so, can Sogou Wubi be far behind? 2015 will be a year of Ubuntu Kylin products. New UI and a new theme will come out or not? Default wallpaper will be a sheep, goat or Xiyangyang? Ubuntu Kylin developers will give you a answer in the new year - "Talk is cheap, show me your code!"
At last, no matter how much pain in the past year. That’s life! Single male / female engineers, to suffer in silence, or to die in pain! Ubuntu Kylin 2015 is yours as well as ours, but it’s ultimately up to you! Thank people scolded us and people we scolded, people support us and people we support. It is you who let the open source world be colorful! "With more Chinese characteristics" is about not only the user experience, but also the developers and testers experience. Wish the community purpose,"Easy, Happy, Life" can become Youker experience!
Mie, Ubuntu Kylin is looking ahead to 2015. Changes are coming!